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Rebecca Hawkesford
As I'm the NCS Leader and a member of the NCS Regional Youth Board, I have a lot of experience dealing with issues in my local and regional communities and also public speaking. Using these skills I believe I will be a great asset to the student union and be an even better president.
I will always be there for my peers to raise any concerns they have about college and will go the extra mile to help college life enjoyable for every student.
If I can improve lives and better my community. I can easily do the same for everyone in college. Helping people has become my passion, by being President it will help me continue living my passion by putting smiles on everyone's faces.
Holly Rouse
I think you should vote for me to become Events and Fundraising officer as I believe I have many qualities that would represent your college in a positive way and would best suit students' needs.
Firstly, I have a fun, exciting, kind and caring personality which I think is key and hugely vital in this role.
I am a motivated, hard-working and very committed student who always strives for excellence. One thing that I believe is important in this job is being a good listener, and I am. I like to get things sorted and if you vote for me I promise to make sure all facilities for your recommendation and also consider everybody's opinions and suggestions. I am a confident speaker and am not shy to express my opinion as well as views of other students.
Also, I am reliable and promise to make sure that all suggestions are discussed and carried out if possible. I am ambitious, courageous, quick witted and approachable (always happy to help).
I believe that a determined character would fit this title, and that is me. I will not stop till I have made sure everything is on point and you are satisfied and even outstanding. I am very brave and am not fazed, put off, scared or hesitant by new challenges and love to get involved and try new tasks and ideas.
I think experience is essential and I have previously raised money for children in need and red nose day. I have also sown good leadership as I am currently a Student Ambassador and used to be a prefect at settle college.
I always seek for improvement and think I could invent imaginative, creative and unique ideas.
Finally, I would love to be given the chance to represent our college and make a difference.
So the question is; who do you think would be best suited to the role and what qualities should they have?
Reece White
I like to fundraise as I did it last year and it would help me a lot and I am kind I love helping. I love to interact with other people and help them if I can.
As somebody that has had a fair few personal problems, I feel I can help other students that attend Lancaster & Morecambe College deal with theirs and offer support, moral or otherwise. I would like to do this position because I feel as though many young people do not get the help and support that they need, and everybody needs someone that they know and can trust, so that they will never feel alone, or left out (I have been in this situation many times!).

I have experience dealing with mental health and disabilities, from personal experiences to family and friends and people I know. I also have a wide range of interests, music tastes, and hobbies, so I am easy to talk to about a lot of things. I do not judge people based on appearance, gender, sexual orientation, disability, race or religion, age or personal problems; I am extremely open-minded. I believe that everybody deserves the right to make their way in the world.

If given the opportunity, I will give people the chance to voice their opinions, and to be heard. I can be a friend to those who need it, and I can strive to apply equality throughout college. I would also like to improve my self-esteem and confidence and work on my people skills.

Thanks for taking the time to read through all of this. 

:) Means a lot.

Georgia Hoban
Melissa Randolph
I would love to be EDI officer because I did it last year and the confidence it gave me was unreal.
I want to give people the option of having a friendly face to talk to if needed.
If they are being judging in anyway or feeling alone. I want to be there. Everyone needs a friend.
I am running for this position as I would like to give back to people. I love helping people, I would say that I am a kind, caring and selfless person. I believe that everyone is equal and I would never discriminate against another individual for who they are.
If I believe there is room for improvement for something I will tell them and give ideas on how to improve.
I am also very organised, I have good communication skills and I will find a way to interact with someone if they struggle to communicate.
Chloe Allan
Liam Dryden
Vote for me.
I am Liam, and I have good communication skills such as expressing views and opinions about things. I'm a good listener. I will take your views into account and make sure they are heard across the team and try my best to make your opinions taken into account within the Students Union. I am also a Student Ambassador. In My old secondary school, I used to be a Prefect too. This helped me gain confidence and take more responsibility towards other areas.
Michaela Calvert


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